Kevin Almodovar first fell in love with technology back in 1983 when he signed up for a computer class in the 7th grade that sported all new 8 bit Atari 800 computers. By 1984 he had purchased his first computer and that is when he truly started to appreciate the technological age. After graduating High School he joined the Air Force and trained as an Avionics System Electronics Technician to repair laser guidance, infrared detection and low light television systems. In the midst of the internet boom, Kevin was repairing, troubleshooting and also building computers. After 4 years with Circuit City he decided to move back to the Emerald Coast to pursue a business venture far removed from technology, a beach service. But with computers and the internet still in blood he continued to build and repair computers. By 1998 he ventured onto the web to build his first web-site.


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